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I see this debated often, and there seems to be a prevailing thought that pantyhose/stockings should not be worn with open toe shoes.  While I don't see many women wearing their hosiery with open toe shoes, I still see it occuring. 

In my younger days, women wore their nylons with open toe shoes all the time.  That's much more of a rarity now.  I blame that horrid Sex in the City TV series for encouraging the bare leg look.  I think women are much more elegant and feminine when wearing hosiery. 

Pantyhose with open toe shoes should be OK, with exceptions.  Strappy sandals with a sun dress...bare legs only.  Strappy heels with long evening gown...can go either way (as long as the hose have a sheer toe).  Same for strappy heels in a shorter dress or skirt length - hoseless is fine if you have the legs to pull it off.  

Pantyhose with peep-toe heels...anytime you want.  It's such a sexy look in my opinion.

Pantyhose with reinforced toes and Birkenstocks?  Ugghhh!  Should be against the law.  Sadly, I see stuff like this in Seattle. 

Would love to hear from men and women regarding their opinion on this.


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Posted on 06:33PM on Jul 2nd, 2010
I do like open toe shoes with nylons as well, high strappy sandals and black thin nylons with reenforced seams, exposes my dark red toenails cindy
Posted on 04:41PM on Jul 7th, 2010
I agree that's a yummy look...especially dripping wet!
Posted on 04:53PM on Jul 7th, 2010
Just saw a woman today with nylons and open toed shoes. It looked rather nice with the dress she was wearing.
Posted on 08:16AM on Jul 8th, 2010
Most of my shoes have open toes, and they just call for fishnets. So of course it is OK.

If you are going to get wet you need open toes or your shoes won't drain! Stockings or no stockings.

Posted on 07:01PM on Sep 12th, 2010
ABSOLUTLY CORRECT! Everything you stated is true. LOVE IT!
Posted on 01:20AM on Mar 30th, 2011
I'm in the Seattle area, and just don't see enough high heel sandals on gals enough, period, so maybe that's why I crave to see more of it. Anyway, I did like when I noticed that ladies were going without hosiery with their skirts or dresses and lovely high heel sandals when I was in college in Arizona. Now, I do recall as a child liking women to wear nylons with them though, and can like it either way, just depending on the overall package. Definitely no open shoes with those reinforced toes and heels! Ick, with Birkenstocks though, ugh! If the nylons are tan/nude they shouldn't be too dense looking, I like if you can still clearly make out the toes through the material. I do like white and black nylons on a gal, and those can be more opaque though. If you wanted a guy's opinion who loves women to wear strappy high heel sandals, there you go, hope I'm not being creepy, heh heh. It's a hot look to me overall, very sexy, but don't want to 'do' anything to women's feet besides enjoy the view... ok maybe touch with my hands a bit if she's my date or significant other where it's ok to do so.
Posted on 09:33PM on Nov 23rd, 2011
Oh yeah, the toeless stockings do the job expecially when you have been voted sexiest tranny feet.
Posted on 12:13PM on Jul 2nd, 2012
Don't like sandals or open toe shoes...strictly classic pumps only for me. And the bare leg is horrid on most women. A young woman with a nice tan yes, but otherwise, I love classic stockings in a tan shade and closed toes AND heels. Sling-backs are only for women with stockings. Bare feet are very rarely pretty as are bare legs. Just my opinion!!!
Posted on 01:17PM on Jul 2nd, 2012
IMHO - very few women can successfully pull off the bare leg look. Tends to work more successfully with younger women with a nice tan as you (Switchblade) have suggested. All in all, almost any woman's legs look better in nice hosiery than bare.
Posted on 03:34PM on Nov 11th, 2012
Came across this blog item and just had to post a response. I can't stand the bare leg look and feel that women are losing a big fashion and a power advantage by going along with a terrible trend. Now as far as open toe shoes go, I'm in total agreement with you Stacy. Pantyhose with sheer toe definitely go with open toe shoes and I'd go as far as saying that pantyhose are a must for office and evening
Posted on 05:04PM on Aug 21st, 2013
Back in the 1970s, women wore hose with sandals all the time--I thought it was very sexy, and I'm glad to see it's starting to make a come-back!
Posted on 07:13PM on Aug 21st, 2013
It's always great to hear from those who remember the 1970s. That was the decade the pantyhose bug bit me hard. Open toe shoes and pantyhose were an everyday thing.
Posted on 08:46AM on Jan 11th, 2014
I say yes to pantyhose with open toed shoes as long as it's not like berkinstine style sandals. To see the nylon down the leg and the toes and if the toes are painted its sooooo sexy.
Please consider adding me.
Regards gdmidd
Posted on 11:22PM on Oct 2nd, 2014
Okay ladies - I am not a crossdresser but my BF is and he likes to wear open-toed shoes with hose. From a female point of view and with today's fashion trends, it is not okay to wear hose with open-toed shoes but it is okay to wear toeless hose with them (just my own opinion - please don't take offense). If you have never tried toeless hose, please try them. You get the complete hose feel but your nail polish shows much better on bare toes. You can get them almost anywhere and in all colors. Now, from a female point of view, my favorite hosiery are tights. I love wearing black tights with tall boots or mary-jane type shoes and short A-line skirts. I'm still working on my BF to get him to try the toeless hose though. :)
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